Welcome to Mariposa Analytics

We’re passionate about helping nonprofit, government, and small business organizations make a positive impact in the world. 

Welcome to Mariposa Analytics

We’re passionate about helping nonprofit, government, and small business organizations make a positive impact in the world. 

Who We Are

At Mariposa Analytics, we're inspired by the butterfly's transformation to guide our human-centered approach in consulting.

We envision a world where nonprofit, government, and small business organizations thrive on change and growth, driven by the well-being and advancement of people and the communities they serve. We see a future where every organization acts as a catalyst for positive impact, fostering an environment where individuals are supported, communities are strengthened, and collective progress is the measure of success.

Our core values—insight, action, and evolution—drive our work. Insight allows us to understand the unique needs within organizations to develop suitable strategies. Action is about turning understanding into tangible changes. Evolution is our commitment to continuous improvement for organizations and the people they serve.

We're dedicated to helping organizations thrive by providing practical and meaningful strategies in organizational development and operations. Our focus is on valuing human needs and principles. Whether we're leading, collaborating, or supporting, our aim is to assist nonprofit, government, and small business organizations in becoming more resilient and adaptablehighlighting humanity in our work.
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Our Services

We empower nonprofits, governments, and small businesses to thrive amidst change. Our expertise is in unraveling complex issues, driving transformative shifts, and supporting your journey to continuous improvement. With us, discover strategies that are as effective as they are considerate of the people at the heart of your mission, and let's build a resilient, adaptable future together!

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Our Process

Just as a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, we help organizations unfold their potential through a process deeply rooted in our core values of insight, action, and evolution. We start by gaining a deep understanding of your unique challenges, then develop custom strategies. With meticulous execution and reflective review, we ensure a transformative journey that leads to growth and renewal, mirroring the beautiful metamorphosis of our namesake.

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Our Founder and Principal

Ever wondered what drives a company to consistently push for transformative, impactful change? It all starts at the top. Meet Keshia Allen Horner, the Founder and Principal of Mariposa Analytics. Influenced by a service-oriented upbringing, Keshia believes in using knowledge as a tool for transformative change. Rather than seeing organizations seeking help as 'broken,' we view your quest for assistance as a wonderful opportunity for natural growth and transformation. Intrigued? Read more to learn more about the journey and values that make us unique.

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